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Safety: There is a unique dual mechanical protection devices and computer programs.
Energy: servo motor, energy saving and environmental protection, far superior to the traditional power-saving mode, the unit will only start at the moment clinch the motor work, usually in standby stall condition.
Wide voltage: 180-240V can be applied voltages.
Stability: the use of computer controlled servo-control box, running more secure and stable.
Humane: speed, improve production efficiency. High-precision, high upper and lower mold concentricity ensure accurate deduction to ensure production quality. No noise, no vibration.
Easy: Electronic control panel, speed adjustment simple and convenient.

808-A Servo Button Machine is the latest product and has already got several patents .It has a wide variety applications including all kinds of knitted garments,denim garments,footwear,leather,tents,plastic and canvas products binding buckle, different sizes of metal and nonmetal snap buttons,craft buckle.

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