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Uninsured ring operating space broader, more convenient.
Security: protection of the working stroke prevention achieve security thugs.
Energy: servo motor, energy saving and environmental protection, far superior to the traditional power-saving mode, the unit will only start at the moment clinch the motor work, usually in standby stall condition.
Wide voltage: 180-240V can be applied voltages.
Applications: using the latest direct-drive transmission and mechanical reduction technology, making the machine output pressure increased dramatically, the biggest play of the metal buckle 50mm, suitable for various sizes of metal, plastic buttons with high quality binding.
Stability: the use of computer controlled direct drive servo control box running more secure and stable
Humane: speed, improve production efficiency. High-precision, high upper and lower mold concentricity ensure accurate deduction to ensure production quality. No noise, no vibration.
Easy: Electronic control panel, speed adjustment simple and convenient; deduction thickness change, just simple adjustment nut and stroke stroke adjustment nut fastening sets.

XD-8808 PC Direct Drive Button Machine is the company's new product research and development, has been the national invention patent. This machine has a safety anti thugs, output pressure, energy-saving, high-speed, high-precision, no noise, no vibration, infrared positioning, convenient maintenance. This applies to all types of knitted garments, denim garments, footwear, leather, curtains, tents, canvas products, plastic products and binding buckles the size of various metal and nonmetal snap buttons, craft buckle.

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