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Safety: There is a unique mechanical protection devices and computer programs to protect and ensure the safety of the dual.
Energy: electricity is a common white button 1/20.
Low noise: noise operation without mechanical loading buckle (the machine does not use electricity in standby), low noise deduction
Regulation: digital design, stepless adjustment pressure, the pressure can be locked.
Fighter: Fighter dedicated a punching functions, is the best choice for punching product models.
Count: electronic counters have power protection, accurate counting.
Location: Laser light positioning, accurate and fast, stand five minutes automatically shut down laser light device.
Rack: Configure a dedicated shock platen frame, compact, space-saving work.
Efficient: The machine can continuously work long term, the safety device is not able to work hand-foot pressure directly, without mechanical wear, saving maintenance time and costs.
stepless voltages regulation,energy saving, no noise, infrared positioning,etc.. It is suitable for all kinds of garments,knitted garments, denim garments, footwear,leather, plastic ,canvas and other products on the binding of a various metal buckle snap buttons,craft buckle.
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