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Industry information
2014 sewing industry conducive to the development of factor analysis
(1) 2014 is expected to reduce import tariffs 

       November 22, 2013, the Ministry of Finance announced the main focus next year tariff adjustments, some of the advanced technology and equipment, key parts, and is closely related to people's daily life and the lives of supplies is expected to reduce import tariffs, while the zero of the least developed countries preferential tariff treatment, which will help enterprises to actively develop cooperation with relevant countries and regions, to promote trade. 

       (2) E-commerce retail outlet to enjoy the tax refund policy 

       Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation recently issued "on the cross-border e-commerce retail export tax policy notice" provisions: From January 1, 2014, cross-border e-commerce retail outlet meet the conditions (hereinafter referred to as e-commerce export) business and the general foreign trade enterprises also like to enjoy the value-added tax, consumption tax refund tax policy. The notice also provides e-commerce export enterprises exported goods, the conditions do not meet the above requirements, but also comply with the other three conditions applicable VAT, excise tax exemption policy: First, e-commerce companies have export tax registration; Second, exports of goods obtain export goods declaration issued by the customs; third, import and export of goods made legally effective purchase purchase certificate. Implementation of the policy problem in China's e-commerce means that export enterprises export tax rebate system has long been a "bottleneck" has been a breakthrough, this policy will greatly reduce the costs associated with the enterprise, to further promote the development of cross-border e-commerce, while promoting Foreign trade enterprises to upgrade will also bring positive effects. 

       (3) Swiss FTA good sewing machine industry 

       July 6, 2013, "and the Swiss Federal People's Republic of China Free Trade Agreement" signed, this is the first FTA between China and the European continent and the world economy reached the top 20 countries, the highest level reached in recent years, China's foreign one of the most comprehensive FTA. After the entry into force of the FTA in Switzerland, the Swiss side will have 99.7 percent of China's exports immediately implement zero tariff, the Chinese side will be 84.2 percent of Swiss exports ultimate implementation of zero tariff (of which 67% will implement zero tariffs immediately on the effective date of the Agreement, another 17% will reach zero tariff level) in 5-15 years. In addition, some products if tariff reduction, the proportion of products in Switzerland to participate in the tariff reduction is 99.99%, China 96.5%, which is much higher than the general level of the FTA tariff reduction of 90%. 

       At present, China's exports to Switzerland, household sewing machine sewing machinery products mainly export volume of around 26,000 units. Of which 73% of the export volume of feed processing trade. Therefore, built in Switzerland FTA will reduce export costs of home sewing machines, while others are expected to enhance the international competitiveness of domestic products.
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